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(Cambodian Speciality)

For 2 people: 100g fresh lemon grass (white part), 10g fresh turmeric or 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder, 10g white turmeric, 10g galangal, 3 clove garlic, 3 shallots, 1 kaffir lime leaf (combava), 2 teaspoons Sweet Long Chili, 2 teaspoons fresh green peppercorns, 1 cup of fresh coconut milk, 1 teaspoon palm sugar and fleur de sel, 100g mushrooms (Oyster or Golden), 300g fish, crab or chicken meat,

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Cacio e pepe pasta


Cacio e Pepe (literally: cheese and pepper) is a Roman recipe.

In a large saucepan, boil water with little salt, and cook the pasta. In the mean time, grate the pecorino Romano. Cook some chopped garlic in olive oil, then add crushed pepper and a splash of the pasta cooking water. Once the pasta is cooked, drain them, but keep some cooking water. Pour the spaghetti into the pan. Mix continuously the pasta, some cooking water and the cheese. When the consistency looks creamy, you know it’s ready to serve! Feel free to add more
pecorino and pepper on top.

(With Black Kampot Pepper, It’s a Treat!)

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The Gourmet Travel Selection

Organic Kampot Pepper

from La Plantation, Cambodia

Guy and Nathalie have created La Plantation, an organic certified Kampot pepper and Spices farm in the famous region of Kampot in Cambodia. They have developed a  unique range including the highly recommended Salted Fresh Pepper.

The Gourmet Travel will tell you stories of gourmet entrepreneurs who have succeeded around the world through the same passion of quality and taste.

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