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Conscious Delight Handmade Jams Story

Conscious Delights is a sustainable food brand based in Singapore, making exclusive handmade jams using only Southeast Asian produce.
With classic French flair, the Little Known range brings to life unusual regional fruits, while the Rescued range pairs exquisite flavours using surplus fruit from a range of sources, that would otherwise be discarded.

  Conscious Sourcing : Source fresh fruits grown the closest to Singapore. Use surplus fruit that   would otherwise be discarded. Partner with suppliers   who value sustainability.

 Conscious Delights creates exciting jams of a guaranteed quality with a focus on sustainability.

 Their approach to local sourcing and the use of surplus fruit ensures a conscious food choice for their customers who, by buying jams, are helping to reduce food waste and carbon footprints while supporting local farmers.


Conscious Preserving : All natural with no preservatives. Only sugar cane for a little extra sweetness!




Conscious Savoring  :“Cherishing fruits in abundance”. Discover exciting new flavours from little known regional fruits. Savour the taste of traditionally preserved fruits regardless of season. Enjoy sustainable food with a clear conscience!


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