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La Plantation Story


Kampot spices and sustainable agritourism since 2013



The salt of existence is essentially in the pepper that  you bring to it.”  Alphonse   Allais

“La Plantation is a social and sustainable family project that started in 2013, during our first trip to Cambodia. As we discovered the country, the tranquility of its rural landscapes and the kindness of its population seduce us. We fell under the charm of Cambodia and realized we could participate to the development of the Kampot countryside”

Nathalie and Guy PORRE, Owners & Founders.




The Best pepper in the world

Kampot pepper has been granted a PGI (protected geographical indication) status in 2010. Producers are required to follow strict guidelines from production to processing, packaging and traceability. The Kampot Pepper guidelines include a strict ban on all chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


 Plantations are controlled by the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) and by the independent certification body Ecocert. Only accredited members are authorized to sell Kampot Pepper. The below labels are required to guarantee the authenticity of Kampot pepper.


La Plantation has developed a whole range of spices to promote the development of Kampot pepper and terroir.



Kampot Pepper

Black, red, white kampotpepper are the flagship spices

Long Pepper

Rediscovering a spice used since over 2000 years in Asia and Europe.



A local variety with high concentration of curcumine (10%)



Sweet long chili and bird chili for more or less heat

Spice Mixes

Fresh Spices from the farm, with a base of Kampot “fleur de sel”

Smoke Spices

Cold-smoked at the farm, with natural rice husk.



Salted Pepper


A unique fermentation recipe, allowing to preserve the taste and texture of fresh green pepper. It’s highly addictive!



Open every day for visits, La Plantation had over 45,000 guests in 2018.


Farm Tour

Free tours of the plantation with trained guides.


Cooking Classes

A visit to the local market to buy fresh produce, 3 traditional recipes and a beautiful lunch.



Buffalo Tours

Experience the local lifestyle and rural activities in the small villages around La Plantation.

Lunch & dinner at the farm.

Traditional Khmer Food or western-style BBQ to taste our spices in a unique setting.




Largest Employer in the region.

La Plantation provides fair compensation to their staff (120 permanent workers and an additional 150 during harvest period from January to May).

The staff is trained regularly to ensure they acquire useful skills depending on their position (master degree for admin staff, language class for tour guides, hygiene and food safety for production workers) .

Supporting education in rural Cambodia

We support the village’s primary school providing school supplied and bicycle as well as maintaining the infrastructure. We offer grants to the best students, giving them the opportunity to access quality secondary education.

Environmental Impact

In front of climate change and worried of protecting environment of the region, Guy and Nathalie dashed into a vast project of reforestation of lands, hills and everything around the plantations of pepper.

Khmer Architecture Preservation

All the buildings at the farm are traditional woodend houses that have been saved from destruction and re-built piece by piece.


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