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Three Corner Coffee Story

Three Corner Coffee Roaster is a socially enterprising business which produces high quality, fresh-roasted Cambodian coffees since 2010. Their business model focuses on bringing sustainable success to both the communities and individuals that are customers, as well as suppliers. Their hope is to see the Cambodian coffee industry, as a whole, continue to grow and develop to not only bring sustainable profit to farmers, roasters, and brewers, but also to continue to increase the flavor diversity, the variety of brewing techniques, and the quality standard offered to consumers.

Three Corner Coffee started to source Cambodian Robusta coffee from both the Khmer and indigenous growers in Mondulkiri Province. The predominant red soil of these provinces is excellent for a multitude of crops including coffee. Coffee farmers in these highlands are primarily made up of the indigenous tribes that have lived in the area since before the well-known Angkor Era of Cambodia’s history.
Three Corner Coffee Roaster commitment is to:
Encourage the Industrial Development of Cambodia’s Coffee Industry 
producing and promoting 100% Khmer products that   have a high standard of hygiene and quality, giving Cambodian’s the ability to compete in today’s and  tomorrow’s global economy.


Help of Underprivileged Cambodian Men and Women

by providing a safe and supportive work environment that allows them to take care of themselves while on their road to recovery. To provide on-the-job training to these men and women, so they will gain confidence in themselves and their work, later benefiting them in their search for a good job.

Produce High Quality Khmer Products for Responsible Consumers
by making sure that every step of the coffee producing process, from bean to bag, reaches for the least environmental impact: through recycling and using energy efficient methods of roasting; and more importantly for true cultural preservation: through developing our own Direct Trade Model to cooperate with Cambodian farmers and their communities to increase their standard of living.


Three Corner Coffee Singapore selection includes Three special Blend of Wholebean coffee :

Kampuchea Double-Roastis Cambodia regional Robusta, twice roasted to
concentrate the coffee bean’s natural, savory sweetness. Taste : Roasted Nuts, Milk Chocolate, Lightly Smokey Aroma. Best used with French Press / Phin Brewer / Drip Coffee Machine.

Mekong Espresso Blend: is truly inspiring cup of coffee with beans heralding from each of the Mekong region’s coffee growing countries: Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 25% - Arabica 75% - Robusta Taste : Toasted Grains,
Leguminous Acidity, Lightly Floral Aroma 
Best used with French Press / Slow
Pour (Hand Drip) / Espresso Machine.

Bolovens Plateau Blend: is a beautiful combination of Laotian Arabica and Cambodian Robusta coffees. This blend offers a 50-50 blend ratio of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees in the South-East Asia region. 50% - Arabica 50% - Robusta Taste :Dark Chocolate, Pomelo Acidity, Floral Aroma.  Best used with Slow Pour (Hand Drip) / Espresso Machine


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