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Organic Smoke Black Kampot Pepper 50g

Product image 1Organic Smoke Black Kampot Pepper 50g
Product image 2Organic Smoke Black Kampot Pepper 50g

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Recognized as one of the best peppers in the world, Kampot's Black Pepper is grown traditionally and organically. Each corn has been selected one by one by hand at La Plantation to offer you the best quality. Its taste is very intense and mild at the same time, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint.  

Kampot's Black Pepper is cold smoked directly at the farm. The smoke comes from burnt rice stalks and goes through a 5 meter long pipe to cool down. The smoke reaches around 30 Celsius degrees and enters a sealed box in which the dry pepper is placed. The smoke stays with the pepper for several hours, entering each corn without altering its quality. 

Freshly ground it on top of grilled meats, fish and salads. It is best not to cook pepper.

100% Black Peppercorns

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