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Organic Sovannak Palm Sugar 200g

Product image 1Organic Sovannak Palm Sugar 200g
Product image 2Organic Sovannak Palm Sugar 200g
Product image 3Organic Sovannak Palm Sugar 200g

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Sovannak Palm Sugar is a granulated sugar produced in Cambodia, organically, without chemical additives, on fuel-efficient, improved cookstoves. This process is promoting sustainable, environmentally-friendly way out of poverty for rural Cambodians; each kilo of Sovannak Palm Sugar saves 2 kilos of wood from being unsustainably taken from local forests. Palm sugar is excellent for use in coffee, tea, desserts, Asian dishes, curries and as a substitute for brown or raw sugar. While no sugar is 100 percent safe for diabetics to use, palm sugar has half of the Glycemic Index of white sugar, causing less of a rise in blood sugar levels and a reduced insulin response.

Ingredient : Palm Sugar

Sovannak Palm Sugar is a social enterprise, helping rural Cambodian in producing high quality Palm Sugar on a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

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